Hand Made Blush Pink Drum Lampshade with Silver Lining
A gorgeous lampshade made of a blush pink cotton with a silver wallpaper lining

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Hand Made Blush Pink Drum Lampshade with Silver Lining

This striking blush pink drum lampshade will look stunning in any setting and will add a splash of colour to your living space, the drum shape makes it look very modern, sophisticated and contemporary. It is made of 100% cotton hand laminated on to a crisp white, fire resistant PVC and then laminated on the other side with a silver patterned wallpaper which is has a stunning 3 dimensional look with both Matt and shiny silver motifs. When lit you can see silhouettes of the the inner design making it look enchanting.Also suitable to use as a ceiling pendant or table lampshade. It is available in many different color ways and sizes. They come with an ES fitting with a BC adapter ring. Maximum wattage is 60w or 15w low energy. Fabric color swatches are available on request.

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Diameter Height Fitting Depth
8" (20cm) 6.25" (15.7cm) 1.5" (4cm)
10" (25cm) 8" (20cm)  1.5" (4cm)
12" (30cm) 8" (20cm) 1.5" (4cm)
14" (35cm)  9" (22cm) 2" (5cm) 
16" (40cm) 10" (25cm)  2.5" (6cm)
18" (45cm) 11" (27cm)  2" (5cm)
 20" (50cm) 12" (30cm)  1.5" (4cm)