Hand Made Beige and Charcoal Vintage Clocks Lampshade
An evocative lampshade made up of a beige and charcoal vintage clocks fabric

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Hand Made Beige and Charcoal Vintage Clocks Lampshade

This evocative lampshade is made out of a beige fabric, which features vintage charcoal clock faces. It is laminated on to a crisp white, fire resistant PVC. This lampshade is an ideal feature to have for your room to give it a timeless touch, the design features different styles of watch faces from different periods and different brand names such as Watch Co and Empire City Watch Co's to give the full vintage look. This beautiful lampshade can be used as a table lampshade, floor standing lampshade or as a ceiling pendant. The frame has an E27 fitting with a BC holder, therefore it can be fitted on both types of holders. This lampshade is available in various sizes, maximum wattage is 60W or 15W low energy.

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Diameter Height Fitting Depth
8" (20cm) 6.25" (15.7cm) 1.5" (4cm)
10" (25cm) 8" (20cm)  1.5" (4cm)
12" (30cm) 8" (20cm) 1.5" (4cm)
14" (35cm)  9" (22cm) 2" (5cm) 
16" (40cm) 10" (25cm)  2.5" (6cm)
18" (45cm) 11" (27cm)  2" (5cm)
 20" (50cm) 12" (30cm)  1.5" (4cm)